Perceptions from mathematics leaders' faculty at a South Texas University in factors that contribute with drop, fail and withdraw rates in college algebra

Palabras clave: College Algebra, Teaching Strategies;, Mathematics Education


The math faculty experiences high drop-out, failing and withdrawal rates in the subject of university algebra. The findings show that higher education institutions can provide better service to students and can maximize their funding to increase graduation rates by eliminating withdrawal and failure rates. In this qualitative research, the faculty of mathematics at a university in southern Texas was asked to share their experiences and perceptions about the factors that contribute to the rates of withdrawal, failure and withdrawal in university algebra courses. This research provides information for a variety of stakeholders, as it shares the poorly understood perceptions of members of the mathematics faculty regarding how their experience in teaching university algebra influences teacher participation and student support. This research suggests implementing interventions for better teaching and provides strategies to increase approval and retention rates by finding best practices to teach university algebra, as well as serving as a reference for reducing failure and withdrawal rates due to expert recommendation.



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Marco Antonio Rojo-Gutiérrez, Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana

Dr. Marco Antonio Rojo Gutiérrez holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM, México). Additionally, he holds both master and doctorate in Social Economics. Dr. Rojo is an expert in social topics, technological changes and innovation. He is a consultant in the public and private sector in public welfare, efficiency, competitiveness and economic development. Furthermore, in 2016 the state of Campeche recognized Dr. Rojo for his contributions in public management. Currently, he works as a Research Professor at the Internacional Iberoamerican University (UNINI, México) and UNEATLANTICO.

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