Examining Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Competencies in In-Service Teachers

  • Rodrigo Tovar-Viera Universidad Técnica de Cotopaxi
Palabras clave: TPCK competency, classroom practices, computer literate


Taking digital technology as the framework of the research, the present study investigates in-service teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge competency (TPCK), by contextualizing teachers’ beliefs and competencies of using the TPCK model in teaching English as a foreign language. The study is an extension of previous research Tovar et al., (2019). Development involved a survey-based questionnaire, an unstructured interview, and classroom observations. The assessment instruments were administrated to sixteen in-service English teachers. Results revealed that a high percentage of the teachers, who work in the Language Center at the Technical University of Cotopaxi, are not familiar with the use of the TPCK framework. Research outcomes, therefore, suggest that developing teachers’ TPCK competency, strengthens their knowledge domains, skills, and beliefs of the usage of technology in classroom settings. Implications of this study and considerations for further research are discussed.


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